The game taught me the game. And it didn’t spare me rod while teaching." Jesse Livermore

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What is Market Trends Trading – MTT?

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Market Trend Trading has been established on the 5th of March 2020.


The site has been created by the group of the individual Traders Who have experience on the market 7 years average.


And decide to share the knowledge about the financial market, trends, trading, Forex, and commodities.


After years of learning, failing, and winning, we decide To give something back.


We want to make information more accessible easy to find, to give you a chance to be a successful market trader.


My name is Chris and I will be running the side with hope that all the information that you gonna get will answer your question, learn your new skills and be helpful on your path as a trader

Why Market Trends Trading?


Market – as this is the place where buyers and sellers are making the transactions. This is the place where you meet your opportunities.


Trends – I believe that trends trading is the best and profitable way to beat the markets.


Trading – because I love and being passionate about trading.


Something about me.


Before talking about our goals I will tell you my story when I’m started as a trader.

Market Trends Trading

First I didn’t know where to go:


Although there were so many websites, books, YouTube channels I didn’t know where to start.


Everyone was claiming that he had the key two profitable training.


But then someone gives me a piece of very good advice. and told me if you want to learn trading go and learn from a person who actually trading.


You will find a lot of blog eBooks sites that talking, writing about market trading but none of them will give you proof that they actually trading.


From there I know where to go I only picked people who actually have an experience of live trading. From them, I learn lessons on how to take my Forex account from Red to Green.


I’m not claiming that I have a key, secret or magic indicator that will help everyone to win. but I will try my best to pass the information that helped me to be a better trader.


It’s not a secret that 90% of people trading on financial markets are losing their money.


Trading it’s a number game. You need to increase the chances of your success, by doing this you increase of chances to be profitable.


Sometimes it’s working it’s not. This is the game. And the only way to increase those chances is knowledge.


Second –  too many information:


As I was mention above I was overloaded with the size of the information about market trading that you could find online.


Hundreds of posts about the Forex markets and trends, hundreds of hours of  YouTube videos talking about trading, thousands of indicators that you can use on your chart.


There was so much information that they give me a false picture of the financial market.


I start to believe that my system needs to be more and more complicated than I need more and more indicators.


Not know that this is confusing me more and more. In the first two years, I was searching for this perfect indicator.


I was looking for this one secret that we’re going to make me successful in trading.


I was jumping from side to side to get more and more information. without a positive result on my Forex account.


The good thing that I take from those 2 years I found that every website has something to learn me.


That each indicator shows me the small secret of the Forex chart.


Every trading system that I tried then discard and move to another one taught me something new and viable.


Three – something was missing


The last thing that was missing in my jigsaw puzzle in the Market trading adventure was feeling that I can’t see the full picture.


That last piece was Market Trading Psychology.


On the web, you can find a lot of information about market trader’s indicators and trading systems but not many sites are talking about trading psychology. I think that psychology is the key to trade successfully.


Anyone of Us at some point in his life was doing something that he likes and he was good at it.


Maybe something in a sport like a basketball or a football or school-like writing essays or do the mathematics equation.


And all of you will admit that the stage that your mind was in during the task has a crucial factor in how well you will perform that day.


All those experienced when I was a Market trading beginner take me to the point that I make a decision that when I became an experienced Trader and I will open the website with the help of my friends.


Where we can give something back and share the information that takes us so many years to acquire and give back to the market trader community.


To give you a better chance to succeed to be a market trader that it’s on the green side of the market.


What is the goal of Market Trends Trading?


– Our first goal in Market Trends Trading is to make information available to everyone interested in markets. You can be a beginner, intermediate or professional. everyone is welcome.


You will be able to find basic knowledge about Market trading, Trends following. As well as information for more demanding trailers or trading curious.


– Create available content that will help you in the chances to become a better Trader a successful Trader cutting off all nonsense that you can find on the internet those days.


Content that would be based on real trades, and knowledge from the markets. Thinks that make our trading better.


– Focusing on the information that would make trading easier not more complicated. Information that was tested on real markets uses by real Traders.


What you can expect to find on Market Trends Trading?


I will focus to create a site that will play the role informative for the new traders:


There you will find information about markets Forex, commodities, futures.


This will include terminology and all jargon that is used on the market like:


trends market moving averages system indicators metal Traders open positions and many more.


The second part of the website planning to create for more advanced traders. Where I will be showing my trades my trends predictions. As a part of commenting on the market.


Please remember that all the information on this site need to be used as a commentary on what is happening on the markets I do not give any trade signals. I’m not promising you to be successful. I share my knowledge and thoughts about the markets.


You are responsible for your own trades


Why Market Trends Trading is different than the other blogs?

Learn about Market Trends Trading

As I’ve been mentioned before I’ve been reading a lot of blogs. Some of them have really good information about the markets and some of those they only copy and paste it from the other sources.


But what is very hard to find a site that you can see that person who is running this site it’s actually trading.


I saw articles on how to trade, how to be successful in Forex, how to be profitable, blog posts with the title’s Best Trading System.


But on none of them, I didn’t so that any trade was made any history that he take the position using a system that he cleaning that is the best.


This blog is part of my trading. By sharing trading thoughts and training positions. You will have the possibility to judge how good a market trader I am.


You will see witnessing my successes and mistakes.


By finishing off the introduction of my block.


I would like to welcome all of you and hope that you will find whatever you are looking for, on my Market Trends Trading blog.


I wishing you the best in your adventure two became as Professional Market Trader.


Wishing you only good traits and happy life.